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Sometimes in the garden what catches at your heart isn’t a single moment of perfection, but the power of endurance. These battle worn veterans of wind and insects have a melancholy beauty that lingers far beyond perfection.

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Plants That Shine at Night

The Casa Blanca oriental lily is a quilted, white perfection I wouldn’t want to live without, day or night. But if the only time you can spend in your garden is during evenings after work, then consider a white garden … Continue reading

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Among Friends

Here are a few vignettes that were looking especially attractive in my garden this week as we transition into August. In the shade garden a Hakone grass, a variegated hosta, maiden hair and ghost ferns form a living quilt that’s … Continue reading

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Old-fashioned Coneflowers

I have these old standby coneflowers planted in my boulevard bed.  They’re old-hat by the flashy standards of the newer coneflower varieties, but these white ones have a sweet perfume and they bloom for months. All coneflowers have coarse foliage … Continue reading

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Fibonacci’s been at work in my garden again

What makes a face or flower deeply satisfying or even flawless?                                   Proportion. There are known, measurable ratios for the distance between chin and … Continue reading

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