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The lion watches and waits. A joyful knot of blooms surrounds him now, yet he knows what lies just around the corner. Too soon a cold claw will smash such pink frivolity to the ground. Too soon this battered protector … Continue reading

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They Capture the Sun

The tiger lily’s freckled limbs gently enclose a ray of light. . . . . . While the begonia petals glow with sunlit joy. The daylily soaks in the sun and gives back a saturated, buttery delight of a yellow. … Continue reading

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Easter Bandit

My Easter prayer:  May bunnies pass through my garden like a whispering wind on their way to somewhere else, far, far away from my tulips.This isn’t a plea for world peace, but it’s just as heartfelt. Happy Spring everyone.

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The Snow Garden

This gives new meaning to the phrase “a secret garden,” doesn’t it? Somewhere beneath three feet of snow a lovely flagstone path leads to these purple chairs. It’s up to you to find it. Or you can be like me … Continue reading

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Generous Souls

I’ve always admired generous people.  You know the ones.  If you say how pretty or how nice something is, they offer it to you. Casually, easily. Without strings. They hug fiercely and give frequent, genuine compliments and praise.  Nothing stiff … Continue reading

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On and On

Today is the fifth time school had been cancelled because of cold this month. In Minnesota the wind chill is minus 45 degrees . . . and it’s been this way for days. My house creaks and nails pop in … Continue reading

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On Thin Ice

                                                                                … Continue reading

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