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I love amaryllis. They brighten the grayest of winter days, and watching and waiting for the buds to open is a fun reminder that spring will be coming soon. For years, though, I avoided them. For most of my adult … Continue reading

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This is turning into a frantic week at Casa Renfield. After much debate and sticker shock, we are having our ancient metal windows replaced. They are original to the house.  State of the art for 1950.  And I do love … Continue reading

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By the Dawn’s Early Light . . .

The garden this morningCaptured the flaming sun in her arms, Held a red starburst tightly in her fist, And centered a spider of white on a puckered purple cross While an approving audience looked on.Happy 4th of July, from my … Continue reading

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Can You Deal With It?

  There’s a lovely story about the Buddha cutting off the sleeve of his garment rather than disturb a sleeping cat. I bet he never gave up his desk chair, though. With her teeth tucked away and her claws politely … Continue reading

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