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Holiday Wreath

This year I really mixed it up.  Normally I like a naturalistic wreath for the fireplace, like the one I created last year.  Very pretty and soothing, but this year I wanted something different. I guess you’d say the wreath below … Continue reading

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Say What?

        It’s less than four weeks until 2015! Do you know where your year has gone? Because I sure don’t know what’s happened to mine. So I’ve decided to do a rerun on summer 2014 .  . … Continue reading

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I’m off to shop, bake and prepare for tomorrow. Despite my determination to keep the meal small and simple this year, I’ve managed to commit to making three desserts.     Mmm . . .  I guess that does reveal … Continue reading

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A Year in Photos

Every picture I’ve taken to date in 2014.  From spring tulips to massive spiders hanging from the fence, it’s all here:  Cats, kids, food, even a rare blond raccoon found dead[fourth row from bottom, five shots in] on the street— and … Continue reading

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Awhile back, I was really craving pumpkin bars.  I rarely make desserts with cream cheese frosting, though.  I find heavy, thick frosting overwhelms a tender cake crumb. Still, cream cheese is a good contrast to pumpkin and spice, so I … Continue reading

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Last Stand

Yesterday was the first snowfall of the season here in zone 4b.  Just a few miles to the north, they had over a foot of snow. Here in Minneapolis, though, only around five inches fell. Schools remained open and life … Continue reading

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More Glorious Grasses

Strangely, this rosy grass is actually called Little Bluestem,”The Blues.”  The stems of this cultivar are bluish during the growing season but now have turned shades of rose and pink that glow on a sunny day like today. One of … Continue reading

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