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The Fall Garden

We have had wonderful weather this summer. The upper Midwest (zone 4b) received ample, well-spaced rains, with no extended heat waves. And these Cimicifuga blooms are just one of the delightful results. Ample water is clearly a factor in the … Continue reading

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What’s Blooming

Martagon lilies are a wonderful addition to any dappled shade garden. The bulbs are expensive, but when they are well-sited, martagons naturalize slowly but well. This is the Martagon ‘Claude Shride’  viewed up close in a shaft of sunlight at our … Continue reading

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Princess Irene Returns

In Fall 2013, I planted a large section of Princess Irene tulips in the bed in front of our living room windows. I don’t think Princess Irene are known for their ability to return year over year.  So I was … Continue reading

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Spring Unfurls

It’s easy to dismiss the quiet wonder of spring, the shy unrolling of a fern frond or a thickly bunched rose leaf bursting from a hard brown stem. Hidden among the dead brown of winter’s remains, the jeweled chalice of … Continue reading

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What would you be willing to commit to for a full year? I read an article this week in our local paper about a guy who challenged himself to take a photo of a bird each day for a full … Continue reading

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The Trouble With Costco . . .

I only wanted three limes.  But I was shopping at Costco. They had bags of thirty juicy limes. Citrus fruit keeps well, of course, but past experience has shown me that doesn’t mean indefinitely. I was therefore forced to innovate.And … Continue reading

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Is It Worth It?

I rarely over-winter plants. I truly admire the frugal gardeners who store pots and pots of annuals under lights in their garages or basements, but all it took was one big infestation of insects crawling out of the pots and … Continue reading

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