The Fall Garden

FullSizeRenderWe have had wonderful weather this summer. The upper Midwest (zone 4b) received ample, well-spaced rains, with no extended heat waves. And these Cimicifuga blooms are just one of the delightful results.

Ample water is clearly a factor in the number of healthy blooms these plants produce. In the past, I considered them a failure because despite hand watering during dry spells, they bloomed sparsely, had crispy brown edges, and were generally a mess by mid-August.FullSizeRenderNot this year.  Cimicifuga blooms are so pretty, with deep plum colored capsules that split to reveal feathery white blooms. These blooms perfumed the entire back garden with a fruity scent over the past few weeks, and I’ve really enjoyed these plants this year.

FullSizeRenderAsters are another fall bloomer that are doing really well this year. This is Alma Potts, ( I think that’s the right cultivar name.) and it’s glorious.

IMG_5749 Kirengeshoma palmata is another water-sensitive plant that has done really well for me this year. Sometimes referred to as yellow wax bells, this plant has big, maple leaf shaped leaves and thick, waxy yellow blooms. FullSizeRender

Here’s a close up of their unusually shaped flowers.

Next, the Hairy Toad Lily.  Such a nondescriptive name for an intricate and lovely shade plant for the late fall garden!FullSizeRender

Toad Lilies bloom along the spine of the plant, sometimes the fronds curve over toward the ground and sometimes they’re upright. Always, though, this plant is beautiful. . .FullSizeRender

Although I see nothing “hairy” about it.

Further random beauty in the fall garden is supplied by the Japanese Anemones that like to self-seed thither and yon—often in the cracks of the sidewalk or otherwise inhospitable places.FullSizeRenderIt always surprises me how tough such a delicate looking plant can be.  Just goes to show that you can’t judge a plant by its appearance. I think that’s one of the reasons gardening is so much fun: your “green preconceptions” are constantly being challenged!

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