What’s Blooming

FullSizeRenderMartagon lilies are a wonderful addition to any dappled shade garden. The bulbs are expensive, but when they are well-sited, martagons naturalize slowly but well. This is the Martagon ‘Claude Shride’  viewed up close in a shaft of sunlight at our local arboretum. These are really elegant lilies whose reflexive petals make them seem like they’re flying. Here’s a shot of how they looked in the bed.FullSizeRenderAs you can see, they lean for the sun, so plant them judiciously, or plan to stake them!

In the sunnier parts of my the garden, asiatic lilies are a great low maintenance choice.  I have several varieties in bloom right now.FullSizeRenderThese are Lipstick lilies, and the clumps have increased nicely over the years. Beneath them and still in tight bud, is the Shasta daisy ‘Becky’. The daisies provide a nice color echo for the lilies but bloom times overlap for only a short time. That’s my only complaint with Lipstick lilies. Individual blooms simply aren’t long lasting and the faded bloom don’t look good. My solution is just to deadhead every few days and that keeps this section of the garden looking fresh. FullSizeRender As a companion for a dappled willow (the speckled white leaves in the photo) in this same bed, I have another larger, solid-colored pink lily. These blooms last longer but their name is lost to me.  I’ve had them at least ten years and they’re reliable performers with zero disease problems.

FullSizeRenderI have these lovely streaky, melon-colored asiatic lilies sited near Little Blue Stem grasses in a sunny center bed. These were billed as ‘Electric Orange’ lilies, but appear far more pastel than electric to me.  They’re still pretty and look great with blue or purple flowers, though, so I leave them.IMG_5634 In this same bed are some vibrant yellow tickseeds that moved themselves around until they were happy. Tickseeds can be a touch over enthusiastic for some gardeners, but I love their frilled edges and the way they’ve colonized the center of this bed.FullSizeRenderThe lilies that were here before them are happily accepted into the group, as you can see.

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