Princess Irene Returns

IMG_5493In Fall 2013, I planted a large section of Princess Irene tulips in the bed in front of our living room windows. I don’t think Princess Irene are known for their ability to return year over year.  So I was pleasantly surprised to see these nice sized blooms this spring. The purple Miss Saigon hyacinth have also returned well, if not quite as full as the first spring.

Deer, normally tulip decimators in my area, have left this bed alone. Why?  It’s enough to drive you crazy trying to figure out why. I put no deer repellent on this bed, mostly because I didn’t have high expectations of the tulips returning this well.  And I know deer aren’t afraid to walk right up to your house and feed while staring you in the face. So maybe the lesson is just to enjoy your good luck while it lasts!

Oh, and to put Princess Irene on your list, if you like gorgeous tangerine tulips that naturalize well.

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3 Responses to Princess Irene Returns

  1. They are really beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

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