More Glorious Grasses

photoStrangely, this rosy grass is actually called Little Bluestem,”The Blues.”  The stems of this cultivar are bluish during the growing season but now have turned shades of rose and pink that glow on a sunny day like today.

One of the best things about ornamental grasses is the way they catch the fall light. They often seem almost electrified, lit from within.

Another example is this Purple Moor Grass, “Skyracer.” Its joyously deep yellow fall color grabs your eye and won’t let go. I highly recommend Moor Grass because it’s so undemanding.  This specimen is around 5 years old.  Like most of the bigger grasses, Moor Grass need room to look its best, but on the plus side, Moor Grasses aren’t thuggish or overpowering.photophotoThe blooms, at eight to nine feet tall, sway and move in the slightest breeze. The whole plant is very graceful and attractive all season long, but fall is when this ornamental grass really shines.

Do give ornamental grasses a try in your garden.  There are grasses to fit any size space.  Then, next fall you’ll be so happy with with yourself!

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