Queen of the Slipstream . . .

Dreamy, fine art photo of seductive woman in fairy garden, romanHow much time do you spend in dreams?

Too much according to stern teachers, worried parents, or most of the self-help crowd constantly urging us to act, to do something productive that can be seen or counted.

Pay attention.  Stop daydreaming. Make something of yourself.

We’ve all heard that.

But what if it isn’t true?  What if it’s through our dreams that we truly make ourselves?

Each year, usually around this time, I begin to spend more time in dreamland. The days have grown shorter, the nights colder, and my dreams for next year’s garden begin to be more intense and immediate than the world around me.

The gardening catalogs have started to trickle in and I pull out my terse notes about what worked and what didn’t this season. I grab a cup of tea and settle by the windows,  awash in possibility and lost in dreamland.

This is a good thing, a ritual that enriches my life. I might even say rituals like this are something we all need.

To paraphrase the very poetic singer/songwriter Van Morrison, from whom I borrowed the title of this post, I venture into the slipstream through the viaducts of my dreams where I am born again.

Yeah, it’s not just about the flowers.

It’s about taking time to connect with the deepest part of yourself.  Maybe gardening isn’t your passion, but something is.  And that passion is nurtured by dreaming every bit as much as by actions taken in “real” life.

So take a breath and venture into the slipstream. Something absolutely wonderful is waiting for you  . . .  your true self.

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1 Response to Queen of the Slipstream . . .

  1. Angie Mc says:

    Van Morrisson..nice ❤ I dream, and day dream, often…nice again 🙂

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