photoThe lion watches and waits.

A joyful knot of blooms surrounds him now,

yet he knows what lies just around the corner.

Too soon a cold claw will smash such pink frivolity to the ground.

Too soon this battered protector will stand alone against the coming darkness.


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3 Responses to Vigil

  1. Angie Mc says:

    Is the cold to come so soon to you, and so delayed to me?

    • Yep. Turned on the furnace this morning, in fact. We will have nice days, though, before the snow flies. Was your weather affected by the remains of the hurricane in Mexico?

      • Angie Mc says:

        Monsoon was officially closed a few days ago. During monsoon the weather is at it’s most volatile here so I never know where weather is coming from. Now we’re settling into having a chill in the air very early in the morning and at night. We just stopped going into the pool. By Halloween it will be consistently gorgeous. Can. Not. Wait! Well earned after the blazing heat of summer and storms of Monsoon 🙂

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