Bees Knees

photoWithin two miles of my house someone has honey bee hives.  And these bees really like sedum. This sedum is Matrona, but the kind doesn’t seem to matter.  I have Neon, Autumn Joy and several creeping sedums that all have had honey bees on them nonstop the past week or so . . . along with the lovable bumblebees, of course.

Sedum are easy to grow, but they do require full sun to grow well. I’ve had a few die from overwatering, too. That’s one downside to a sprinkler system:  Everything gets wet, and since sedum are succulents, they resent too much water once they’re established. The trick is planting them away from the sprinkler heads.

So if you haven’t tried sedum in your garden, you should.

The bees will thank you.

And they need all the help they can get.

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6 Responses to Bees Knees

  1. So – will you ask for your share of the honey?
    I enjoyed your post and didn’t know that bees like sedum.
    Thank you.

  2. Angie Mc says:

    Pretty, pretty. The flowers, not the bees so much 🙂 Hope you and yours are well, Faith.

    • Thanks, Angie. Like the look of your revised blog, but couldn’t see where to leave a comment to that effect. I’ll try again.

      • Angie Mc says:

        Thanks for letting me know, Faith! I’m still learning my new format too 🙂 There appears to be no way to leave a written comment on the homepage, although there is a like button at the bottom left. Written comments are at the bottom of each page and post. Or, I sometimes use WordPress Reader to comment. More than you need to know about my format, lol! Thanks again for the feedback 🙂

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