Pitch Perfect

I have an unfortunate talent.  I call it perfect color pitch, and it’s a curse.

I’m not kidding.

Just look at these lilies and the sunflowers below if you don’t believe me. I wanted lilies that would “go with” the existing sunflowers. I didn’t want to match them exactly but when I get a color stuck in my mind, it won’t come unstuck. So when these yellow lilies opened . . . .
photoSame thing with these daylilies and the heleniums. Must be my vestigial hunter-gatherer instincts, but my mind is the rat terrier of color: Never letting go or giving up. Great if you’re trying to catch rats, not so great if you want similar but not identically colored blooms.photo


Lest you think this occurs only with yellow flowers, I offer this example from the pink family. (Unfortunately, there are others.) I already had the rose below, and thought a heuchera would provide a nice shape contrast. Which it does. But while at the garden store, I chose this pink-tipped creamy coral bell that matched the rose’s shade of pink exactly. Not content with that triumph, I added the Monarda, which wasn’t yet blooming, to my basket. The plant tag claimed the bloom would be dark pink.  Results are below.                                                                                                                           photo photoIt’s a curse.

But kind of funny in a extra-work inducing sort of way.

So what drives you mad in the garden? Do you have habits that make you laugh at yourself even when they’re utterly exasperating? Please, let me know.

Because it’s lonely being perfect.

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