A True Gardener’s Notebook

This gorgeous, needle-felted journal was made by beautifulplace (Etsy).  It was a gift from the generous and very talented paranormal and steampunk author, Lynn Viehl, who had a give away contest earlier this month.
photoTouching this journal makes you feel like you’re holding nature in your hands. I love it.  I would recommend beautifulplace for unusual gifts for gardeners or nature lovers.

photo The interior of the journal has handmade paper that’s almost-but-not-quite too pretty to write on.  In fact, I’ve already started recording the 2014 gardening season in it!


photoAnd finally, here’s a close-up of the felted leaves that hang from the journal’s closure. I dare you not to want to touch them!

Thanks again to Lynn Viehl for introducing me to this wonderful artist’s work.*


*You can visit Lynn’s great blog at pbackwriter.blogspot.com. Or check out her latest steampunk series, Disenchanted & Co., set in a Victorian era America in which the United States lost the war of independence. If that intrigues you, give Lynn’s work a try.  She’s a really good storyteller.


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