Critical Mass

photoI mentioned that a gardener needs patience in my last post. These day lilies are an example of that.

I planted these day lilies (Chicago Apache) about four years ago.  They’re tall, perhaps 48 inches, and when young, their scrawny, singular scapes were less than attractive. Much less.  Each scapes had only a few buds each that quickly bloomed out and the plant instantly looked half-dead from that meager effort. Each year when they “bloomed”, I revisited the notion of discarding them. They’re right in the center of the front garden bed where I wanted something tall but not bulky. They were the right color and bloomed at the right time, so I decided to give them another chance. And then another.

Now, three years later, they’re bursting with blooms and justifying the picture on their plant tags.


So easy to say, and so hard to practice−in the garden or in life.

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