The Revolution

photoAt the end of the school year, all the 5th graders choose a Revolutionary War figure to study and then do a presentation on their choice for parents and family. It’s a really big deal for the kids and the first in-depth research project they’ve ever tackled.

This is my middle child as Deborah Sampson, the only woman to successfully pass as a man and fight in the United States’s Revolutionary War. (I believe not having to wear some “flouncy dress” played a rather large role in my daughter’s choice of heroine, although she claims she was impressed by Deborah’s daring and bravery.)

I couldn’t resist sharing this picture, despite it being the height of gardening season, because my middle child hates getting her picture taken and thus I rarely (never?) get to capture the subtleties of her personality this well. She is a serious child who’s always concerned about Getting Things Right. Yet that little Mona Lisa smile reveals her fun side. It’s just so her. Just not the her I usually get on film.

Oh, and since we had to send away to a specialty costume company to obtain the proper Revolutionary War look, because, you know, we have to Get Things Right, and she couldn’t just wear an old shirt of her Dad’s with some boots, I have a strong feeling my youngest daughter is also gonna want to be Deborah Sampson.  In fact, I know it.

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