One of the nice things about lilies, both oriental and asiatic, is that you can tuck a few of them in almost anywhere. Their blooms are often big but their overall profile is small. And unlike day lilies, which really need plenty of sun to do well, oriental and asiatics will bloom well in partial shade.  I tucked these lilies into a small gap in the hosta bed last fall, and they make me smile each time I see them.  While I like the smooth, soothing green of all foliage, these lilies are a soft white with maroon freckles that blends well with both the hosta foliage and blooms. (The chartreuse-edged hosta behind the lilies is a  Frances Williams.) Lilies also add a touch of contrast among the flowing hostas because they’re so upright.  I did stake them, but it took only a few minutes.  I suppose it would a different story if I had fifty of them!                                                                                                                                  photo

Here’s a close up.  Pretty, yes? photo Lilies are worth a bit of planning in the fall when July seems so far off. Quality bulbs can be had by mail order(I like Scheepers.) and they’re much cheaper than buying garden center plants in full bud. However, buying in bud is okay if you want instant gratification or have very precise color needs. I find descriptions and photos in mail order and online catalogs to be frustratingly imprecise. So I can understand the desire to see before you buy. In bud or bulb, though, consider a lily next time you have a spot to fill in the garden. You won’t be disappointed.

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