Close ups

Saturated colors rule in my garden right now, and a detailed examination of what’s blooming sometimes reveals worlds within worlds.

These delphiniums, for example, appear like a solid column of dark blue at a distance. Up close viewing reveals bright fuchsia center veins that are only ruffled with deep blue—which gives these bloom a complex, iridescent quality.                       photoThese Asiatic lilies reveal their freckled depths only to the
From a few few feet away, this “Chuckles” rose appears flat but a closer look reveals swirling galaxies, like miniature suns shot from a pale green center on tiny golden rods.photophotoTorenia, sometimes called the  Wishbone Plant, has blooms that seem to beg you to come closer.  So take a second look at their complex shape and tie-dyed petals.  If you’re looking for annuals that do well in shade and attract hummingbirds, Torenias fill the bill. They also seem to bloom nonstop, which is precisely what you want from annuals, and these plants have been very good mixers in the shade pots in my side yard garden.

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  1. Angie Mc says:

    Pretty, pretty, pretty!

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