Changing My Mind

I’m currently doing something unprecedented.                                                      photoI’m making a planting bed smaller.

When I first designed these beds in our front garden some twelve years ago, I was determined to eliminate as much turf grass as possible. Grass was boring. I wanted color and lush plantings everywhere. Grass was only a landing pad from which to admire the flowers.

Twelve years on, I’ve matured as a gardener and now appreciate structure and balance in the garden as much as color.

And this bed, which runs parallel with our sidewalk, was just too long and the grass curve was too tight. By reducing the size of the bed by about three feet, I will achieve a much better balance between grass(void) and plant material(mass).  And I’ll improve the sense of balance in the garden, when viewed from the living room windows. (I’ve dropped the brick edgers in place, but of course will be digging them in once the final curve is set.)                                                                photo    Sometimes it’s okay to change your mind. Even when it means adding grass instead of subtracting it from you yard. Never thought I’d say that!

And so your trip here isn’t totally wasted if you’re more in love with color than “balance and harmony,” here’s a shot of the roses, still looking really lovely on the

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