A Pearl Among Shrubs

photoThe Korean Pearl Bush is a truly wonderful spring-blooming  shrub. The Pearl Bush isn’t nearly as commonly planted as crabapples or the ubiquitous bridal wreath spirea, but it should be.  I love this shrub.  Searching it out will be worth your time if you’re in the market for an explosion of gorgeous white spring blooms.  Sadly, my Pearl Bush is getting crowded by the aggressive Amur Cherry clump you can see at the far right of the photo.  Although it looks pretty draping itself across the fence, it would love more space.  When I planted these two, nearly ten years ago now, they seemed miles apart! I thought I was leaving plenty of space between.  So if you plant one, know that Pearl Bushes will get big.

The Pearl Bush blooms are like a lovely cross between magnolias and apple blossoms.photoAnd as the shrub matures, the bark peels and develops an attractive “scruffy” appearance. This is just an added bonus to an already outstanding plant. Pearl Bushes are cold-hardy, disease-free, and the foliage looks great all summer long.

Try one and you won’t be disappointed.

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