Lenten Rose

A tightly packed bloom . . .                                                                                                            photo. . . And one whose center has burst open.photo

Either way, Lenten Roses(hellebores) are gorgeous. Hellebores are low-maintenance, slow-spreading perennials that you should add to your shade beds, if you haven’t already. Hellebores choices are limited here in zone 4b, but the varieties I can grow are still lovely.

May is the typical bloom time here in Minnesota for these “Lenten” flowers, so don’t plan on an Easter bouquet.

The hellebore leaves are leathery and shiny all summer long. And the blooms also last much longer than typical spring ephemera. Perhaps one of the best things is that the deer ignore these plants.photoReally the only negative I’ve found is how slowly they spread.  That could be my soil or siting, though.  Your mileage might vary.

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1 Response to Lenten Rose

  1. Angie Mc says:

    So pretty! I’m not familiar with this flower.

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