On and On

bigstock-Two-stylish-beach-chairs-on-id-21204725Today is the fifth time school had been cancelled because of cold this month. In Minnesota the wind chill is minus 45 degrees . . . and it’s been this way for days. My house creaks and nails pop in the roof at night like we have a giant popcorn popper in the attic.

Don’t know if you need a shot of tropical, but I do.

I need a beach that runs along miles and miles of empty turquoise water and a beach chair to sit in and look at it. I need the caress of warm humid air on my skin and the rustle of palms fronds overhead.

I need Tahiti.

But even if a tropical beach remains a daydream, I can still look at some gorgeous palm trees. This is a Chinese Palm frond, and it’s from Florida, not Tahiti. It still rustles in the breeze, though.  Chinese Palms have large, fan-shaped fronds that bend close to the ground.  This close, the central stem looks like the beak of great, green bird showing off its gorgeous feathers.
So if it’s cold, dreary, or even 15 degrees below zero where you are, take a few minutes today to lean back and imagine palm trees. See them bending their limbs to brush their fingers in the sand? Feel the warm sunlight filtering through their fronds to land on your skin?  Do you hear that rustle?

I do.  I so do.

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2 Responses to On and On

  1. Angie Mc says:

    Sending you some Arizona sunshine, Faith ☀

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