The Sound of Breaking Glass

bigstock-Icelandic-horses-40100818Do you ever felt like you’ve got your nose pressed to the window of your life? That right smack dab on the other side is all the good stuff you never quite get to?

Well, this year I’m breaking through to the other side.

Responsibilities abound for most of us. Many of us are responsible for children, aging parents, or spouses with ill health. Many of us are tied to jobs we don’t love but can’t afford to lose.  Jobs that eat into our souls even when they put food on our tables.

I get that.

But when the well runs dry, what do you do? How do you give to everyone and every responsibility when you don’t take care of yourself?

It’s different for everyone, of course, but I think making something is a great way to refill the well.  Find that artistic urge that lies in all of us and nurture it.  Maybe it’s exploring molecular gastronomy, quilting, or refinishing a classic car. We all have something we gaze at longing from the wrong side of the glass.

This year I’m trying my hand at botanical drawing. I’ve admired these drawings for a long time. Botanical drawing is a step beyond photography because you get to know the plant you’re drawing so intimately. And intimacy’s always a good thing, right?photo

When we were visiting the Ford/Edison winter home in Florida this Christmas, I saw this book and knew I needed to get this, try this. Even if I’m horrible at it, I will learn  a lot.  Art is like that. It forces us to look deeply at something. Going deep like that is an experience that can only make me a better gardener, and it fulfills the need to create and to play that will help me be a happy person.

So what are you doing to refill the well in 2014?

Let me know.  I’d love to hear from you you.

[And I’ll let you all know how the art is going—even if it’s bad!]

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