A Wreath for the Hearth

My husband made this grapevine wreath for me from vines growing on our property. Grapevine grows wild in most parts of the country, but if you don’t have any, willow or other flexible woody materials would work well too. A circle isn’t your only choice, either, when you’re creating it yourself. Rustic baskets or simple balls of any size can be substituted.  A wire frame is also an option and usually inexpensive, either to make or buy.photo

This project was great because it’s easy, fast and stretches your decorating budget by using things you already have on hand. Using or reusing materials from my own garden feeds my forager’s soul. How about you?

At my local garden center, wreaths this large were really expensive. Yet by purchasing just a few other supplies like roped white pine and arborvitae, along with magnolia stems and some inexpensive Noble fir scraps, I was able to create a wreath that was far cheaper, more lush, and completely customized to my needs.  My total cost was around $35, versus over $100 for the garden center wreaths.  Dried hydrangeas, if you have them, makes a good substitute for the magnolia stems if you wanted to get the cost down even further.photophotoBut there is something so pretty about the magnolia’s bronzy leaves, and they were a perfect fit with the earth toned color scheme I wanted, so I felt the extra $7 was worth it.

                       This does not make a lightweight wreath. I used cable ties to secure the greenery and to prevent sagging, which often happens if you use twine or string. This part of the project went quickly, taking at most fifteen minutes.                                                                                                               photoAfter adding a few embellishments, I hung the wreath from a very sturdy wall anchor above the fireplace.  Total time spent:40 minutes.photoHappy foraging!

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