Quick & Simple

Here’s an easy way to stretch your decorating dollars and create an attractive display for Thanksgiving.  I haphazardly piled small inexpensive pumpkins alongside two heirloom pumpkins near the fireplace and draped a length of fall garland over them.  It took less than five minutes to create and could be done weeks ahead of Thanksgiving. photo I bought the garland last year on clearance and since I’d already used the orange pumpkins outside in my front step pots, I’ve doubled their usefulness and halved their price.  (Most gourds/pumpkins last months indoors, especially if you wash them in a mild bleach solution after purchase.)  A display that was under $10 and so easy!  Another plus, I prefer faux berries and leaves here because the display sits on the floor and attracts a lot of attention . . . .photoThis is Atlas, one of my constant buddies and someone who was very curious about this display. Cats love to chase loose berries all over the floor and sometimes eat them. Since most fall berries used in floral displays are poisonous, fake is the way to go if you have pets or small children visiting your home during the holidays.

So take a look around your house and yard.  Do you have dogwood stems, rose hips, dried flowers, grapevine, or even weeds with an architectural shape that you could use?  What’s out there just waiting to be turned into an attractive display for your Thanksgiving?  You’ll be surprised at your own creativity once you start looking at objects with new eyes, and the price can’t be beat.

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