photoSolidago rugosa, “Fireworks” is a goldenrod that is great for end-of-the-season garden color. It’s a low maintenance plant that doesn’t need staking, fertilizing or anything much beyond partial sun and a bit of water when things gets really dry.

As you can see, bumblebees love it. So if you have small children in your life, I wouldn’t plant it right next to a sidewalk. Bumblebees aren’t aggressive, but they’re too easy for little ones to grab because they’re so big and slow. And they do sting if you squeeze them in your hand.  (When he was three, my son loved to hold bumblebees in his hands because they “buzzed.” Only, when he tried to hold several in his small hand, he had to squeeze down to keep them from escaping and  . . . ouch! That was not a good day in the garden. )                     photoHere’s a shot of the whole clump. This yellow is fresh and lovely. Fireworks flower sprays are graceful and artless, going every which way. They don’t need companions, but Purple Dome asters are studded beneath them, just because I love

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  1. Goldenrods are awesome plants with their sprays golden yellow flowers. Those asters are sure bright! Great post!

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