Big Hole

We have been having our ancient windows replaced all this week, and on Saturday the living room windows were torn out.                                                                              photo It left a scary, big hole in our house. Pictures can’t describe the “wrongness” it!

And I was worried the hummingbirds would fly in and kill themselves against the dining room windows. My hummingbirds are pretty bold and often feed on flowers when I’m only a few feet away, so the human noise wouldn’t necessarily keep them away from their feeder, which hangs in this cherry tree. photo  So I couldn’t wait for the new windows to go in. Our concerns about finding lots of wood rot beneath these 63 year old windows proved unfounded. The installer said it was because the old Pella windows had metal framing all the way around the opening. He’d never seen anything quite like it, and removing it all took a lot of time.

Even with most of the windows taken out of their frames to lighten the load, installing the new bank of windows was a job for three people. (And one Chief Worrier position, for which I was a shoe-in.) All went well. No hummingbirds dead on the floor. No workers hurt. Windows nailed in. Now all the finish trim work starts. So there is still much to be done before the job is finished, but the scary stuff is over.                                                                     photo

            The only casualties were a smashed plant or two.                     photoI can handle that.  And it’s the perfect excuse to redo this front bed.

 Windows are like a roof or furnace.  People expect you to have them on your house and that they work well. Period. When you sell your house you don’t get extra credit for having windows, but boy are they an expensive item to replace! Any window horror stories you’d care to share?

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3 Responses to Big Hole

  1. Funny you should be posting about windows. I am doing an article on Champion windows, so I interviewed a regional mgr. I learned all sorts of things about energy star ratings and stuff. The Champion man suggested getting new windows now and reaping the benefits of its looks and savings with your utility bill versus waiting until it’s time to sell and not getting to enjoy it. I think he has a point. Enjoy!

    • Thanks, Stephanie. Utility companies also offer rebates for updating to more efficient windows and air conditioning systems. We are benefiting from that, and, as you pointed out, the comfort of draft-free sitting in the living room this winter.

      • I didn’t know about the rebate. But we do have some drafty windows and doors and will have to look into upgrading. We get a damp cold in the winter. Not much snow, unfortunately, just a wet chill.

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