This is turning into a frantic week at Casa Renfield.

After much debate and sticker shock, we are having our ancient metal windows replaced. They are original to the house.  State of the art for 1950.  And I do love the rollup screens, which still work some sixty-odd years later. But we have rot issues and the windows have grown drafty. So more than time for them to go.photoUnfortunately, our air conditioning system, also ancient, chose this time to quit.  And replacing it has proven complicated because the lines run through finished areas of the basement. This has meant MANY consultations and workers going in and out of the house who don’t know, or care, that our cats aren’t allowed outside.

The joys of dragging reluctant cats out of a thicket of rose canes can’t be adequately described.

So after three successful escape attempts, my cats are now confined to the study. Electra is no longer speaking to me.  .  .                                                                                                         photo

        .  .  . and Atlas is taking the sit-on-her-computer-and-stare-her-down approach.                                                                         photo Factoid: Closed doors = unhappy cats.

Cue the Siamese chorus.



Looks like the window installer’s just arrived. Now the added delights of pounding and the screeching of torn metal can begin. Somehow, I feel uneasy leaving for too long when there are huge gaping holes in the side of my house, or I’d just hide out at the local coffee shop once I get the children off to school.

Hmmm.  Looks like earplugs and a big dose of patience are on the docket for me today.

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