Garden Visitors

photoA nest of snapping turtles hatched out somewhere along the boulevard last night.  This little guy already has big claws, ready to dig into the pond muck.           photo I think they’re cute in their own prehistoric way, and their determination to reach the water is a real lesson in perseverance.

                                                                                                             photoWe’ve also had lots of cicadas. Their life cycle is so interesting, and unlike the hummingbirds that have been zipping around the flowers lately, these cicadas were quite receptive to having their photos taken.photoCicadas have beautiful patterns on their wings, like green-edged stained glass. (Thanks to my hand models for their patience during the photo shoots.  All turtles and cicadas were safely released afterwards as well.)

                                                                                                            photoAlthough they are often pests, grasshoppers are part of garden life too. This one was such a handsome color echo of the canna, I couldn’t resist.

photo I know this is an insect, but doesn’t he look just like a leaf?

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2 Responses to Garden Visitors

    • Thanks. I’m still hoping to get a few good shots of the hummingbirds before they leave. But Hummers are so challenging to photograph, and I want a clear shot of those long beaks, not just a blurring flash of green!

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