Culver’s Root

photoCulver’s Root are a tall, stately plant best used at the back of a border or as speciman plants. They’re underutilized for such an easygoing plant, although I can see their height and space requirements might deter some gardeners.

 I have paired my two white Culver’s Root with two different partners.

One is the white “David”

The other Culver’s Root is sited behind ornamental grass.

photoCulver’s Root has attractive leaves, whirling out from their strong stems. In full sun, I would guess they are completely upright. In my partially shaded bed, they lean a bit but don’t require staking.

Culver’s Root are slightly out of the ordinary plants that attract bees and butterflies like crazy. They even come in lavender, so what more could you ask of any plant?photo

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  1. I need to grow some of those!

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