Small Packages

Black Beauty lilies are small plants that pack a big punch.

Each year I’m amazed to see them unfurl among the junipers with no help from me.photoThese species lilies have strongly recurved petals, a glistening bright green star at their center, ludicrously long anthers, and a strong spicy scent.

Overkill? Maybe.

                                           Somehow, though, they make it work.                                                 
Like many of the oriental lilies, these species lilies do need some support. Mine lean on the strong limbs of the juniper, but you could easily use unobtrusive metal stakes to keep them from flopping.

Aside from needing a support, these Black Beauty lilies are a remarkably low maintenance affair.  Definitely worth a shot if you like showy, late summer blooms on plants that don’t need full sun or take up much space.

What gardener says no to that?

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2 Responses to Small Packages

  1. Karen says:

    Love your lilies…I haven’t seen that species before. Thanks for sharing.

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