Hydrangea’s Song

Hydrangeas are like poinsettias, flowers that are intriguing because it’s hard to know photowhich part is the “real” flower.

Is it the beadlike center or the big outside petals?             photoIt’s like getting two flowers in one bloom.

The answer is that the “true” flowers are the smaller ones in the center.  The showier outside petals are sterile.  This pink/purple one is Endless Summer.

The other pleasing aspects of hydrangeas is the way each bloom’s colors deepen over time and how long they remain attractive.                                                              photoThese are the same white lace head hydrangeas as above—just beautifully aged.

I love that about hydrangeas.

After the past few weeks of daily trips through the garden to pick off mushy daylily flowers so they don’t spoil the rest of the blooms, I appreciate the hydrangeas’ quiet, maintenance-free beauty all the more.

Sometimes, it’s the things a plant doesn’t do that make it truly sing in the garden.

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