Simple Gifts

Last year, I added a fence to our small side yard to increase privacy and create a backdrop for some climbers.                           photo Now, it’s been stained and I’ve added a window box, with which I’m inordinately pleased.photoMy husband is responsible for the fact that the box is level and sturdy.

   I’m responsible for this part:                                                                                                              photoThe area gets some dappled morning sun, perfect for tuberous begonias and the asparagus fern.

I have such plans for this one small box.

Even now, when the days are fifteen hours long, I know the dark times will come and when they do, this box will be filled with bright lights and evergreen boughs that sparkle in the snow.

For now, though, I can marvel at the joy small accomplishments bring.  Sometimes, I think that’s my favorite thing about gardening.

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