Jacks & Wind Dancers

 Jack-in-the-Pulpits are interesting rather than pretty. I have a sentimental attachment to Jacks because they’re one of the remnants, along with white Shooting Stars, of the wild flower garden my grandfather kept on this property. The wildflower garden was lost when we renovated, but I kept these pass-along plants in a few spots, and they remind me of him each spring.  photo

  Jacks naturalize quite easily, and their seed heads are brilliant red pods that dot the woods. Like a lot of the woodland wild flowers, though, Jacks prefer to find their own spots—often not where I want them to grow! Still, they play well with others, so I allow them to do as they wish.

                                                                            photo Earlier this spring, I promised to show the explosive seed heads of the Prairie Smoke plants.  So here you go.  I love these furry mini-monsters. And the seed heads last much longer than the blooms.  A bonus!photoAnd finally, the Pasque flowers aren’t to be overshadowed by the Prairie Smoke and have put their own spidery wind dancers into the mix.photo

Sometimes, I think what follows the flowers is really my favorite part of spring.

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