A Fresh White

This Korean Pearl Bush is ready to pop.  Sometimes, anticipation is the best thing about gardening.photo

Until the flowers burst open.  The Pearl Bush isn’t as common as crabapples, but here in zone 4b, it should be.photo

“Ice and Snow” is the name of this lovely but slow growing hosta.  photo

And finally, a creamy dream of ribbon grass. This plant seduces me into keeping it because in spring it’s so beautiful that I forget what an aggressive, all-green nightmare it becomes in late summer.photo

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4 Responses to A Fresh White

  1. In April, I bought a hosta (that looks a little like the one above) at our botanical garden’s plant sale. Our house sits on top of an old cotton field, so our trees are too young to give us shade. I hid the hosta behind a north-facing shrub and hope it will get the right amount of shade.

    • Hi Stephanie. Your hosta might be “Patriot,” which is a far more common white hosta than “Ice and Snow.” Interestingly, the more white or yellow a hosta has, the more sun it can tolerate. Good luck with it!

      • Really?! (Italics!) I so did not know that. My n-d-neighbor has hostas facing the direct western sun and they seem to do okay…even in humid Alabama August. Do you know if I can propagate hostas w/ rooting hormone?

  2. In my experience with hostas, rooting hormone would be unnecessary. I think hostas are one of the easiest plants to make more of! If you have a large plant, just use a sharp knife and divide(at any time of the year, but the hottest part of summer) and make sure the chunks have some roots, then replant. If the hosta is young, you may be able to divide without the sharp knife. Keep well watered, of course, after division.

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