PSA: The Locks Are Coming Open

bigstock__Padlocks_Linked_Together_451382On Thursdays Kris Rush writes a column called The Business Rusch that is all about the publishing industry.

This Thursday’s post (May 16) is a must-read for all independent writers.

A LOCK HAS JUST SPRUNG OPEN:  The two main distributors of paper books (Ingram and Baker&Taylor) are now offering big 5 level discounts AND a return policy on as few one book for indie paperbacks.

An indie writer’s book must be in the extended distribution program at Createspace, and the bookstore must be a preferred customer with the distributor to get this discount and return policy, but wow, what a change.

Many readers love their e-books, but many more love paper.

A smart business woman makes her product available in as many formats and venues as possible.

The best part is that getting into these bookstores won’t require 400 hours on social media; the bookstore can just order your book, while getting the return policy and discounts that they’re accustomed to.

Kris also explains how she detected this shift, and the story is very interesting. Kris Rusch is a former journalist, as well as a novelist, so her style is measured and she builds her case carefully. (Hint: You need more than four minutes to read her posts, but they’re worth the time commitment.)

What I appreciate most about Kris Rusch and her husband, Dean Wesley Smith, is their breadth of knowledge. These two have been publishers, writers, editors, and teachers. They’re nimble, optimistic entrepreneurs. There are plenty of great blogs for writing craft tips, or even tips from successful indies with about 2-3 years of experience. But few pros at their level share their insight so freely.  Thanks, Dean and Kris!

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