Still Not Tired of Spring

Here are some more beauties from our late, late spring.  First off, a lovely intensely blue muscari, also known as grape hyacinth, among some small tulips that have yet to open.                                        photo photoThese epimedium blooms are another flower that is easily missed. I had to pick these and photograph them indoors because they point downward, hide under the leaves, and dance in the slightest breeze—very pretty, but I couldn’t get a good shot outside to save my life!

Next, some flawless green growth from sedum.  Nothing exotic, except they are so laser-edged and tightly bunched that they always draw my eye.  These sedum are rightly called Neon Pink, and they’re wonderful in the deeply slanted fall light when intense colors really shine. I have purple asters planted behind these sedum, which is a nice combination.


These beauties are Mukdenia, from the saxifrage family. The interior of each starlike bloom is edged in maroon. So pretty when you bother to look closely.  Later, in fall, the leaves turn a fantastic red shade.  Easy to grow.  I have them in morning sun, afternoon shade. They spread and I really like their clean look with ferns and astilbes.photoAnd finally, something that is far from fleeting.  I love the coppery, shiny bark of this Amur cherry in all seasons. Each paper-thin shredding floats in the breeze, while the new bark is taut and shimmers in the light. A really nice contrast.  Amur Cherries have the deserved reputation for growing fast and then dying abruptly—possibly strangled by their own aggressive roots.

I think they’re worth the risk, though.


My original three-stemmed clump became a two-stemmed one last summer, for some mysterious, possibly root-related reason.

This tree is only around 15 years old.  So yeah, very fast grower!

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